End User License Agreement

This EULA applies to all registered versions of the software DriverSleuth that is available for download. Before using any software downloaded from the internet you sould always read in detail the license agreement and terms & conditions that are applicable. Downloading & using the software is an accpetance of this agreement.

Note: Driver Sleuth allows you to scan your PC for missing, outdated, and corrupt drivers at no charge. Registration of the software is $29.95 USD for a 1-year license which gives you full access to our driver database!

Single License

A single fully registered version of the software may be used by an individual on one or two computers under the individual's control. It can also be installed on just one computer, but by using the network functionality connect to one other computer but not both of them.

Network License

It is possible to access DriverSleuth through a network as long as each individual computer has purchased a single license to access the software. For example if 10 computers will be accessing the software through the network feature, then 10 individual licenses will need to be purchased for common use.

Termination of License

At any time the licensee may terminate it by removing the software from the computer and deleting all copies of the software off the hard drive. Installation of this software binds you to this agreement until terminated, and for international licensees all laws will be governed by the United States.