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Recommended 2015 Driver Update Tool: To update Windows Drivers that are missing, outdated or corrupt use Driver Sleuth. Our deep scanning technology will find the drivers you need with just a few clicks. Download Official PC Drivers - Click 'Download Now' to start your driver update ...

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How DriverSleuth works

SCAN - Deep scanning procedure to find missing, outdated, or corrupt drivers.

SELECT - Select which drivers you want to install.

UPDATE - Simple 1 click installation. It is really that easy!

Straight from the Manufacturer

Rest assured, our drivers come straight from the manufacturer to give your PC up-to-date drivers. This combined with our live update feature, will never leave you guessing again if your computer is optimized and fully compatible.

Why you need to update drivers?

Outdated or missing drivers can cause errors, slow performance and malfunctions if not properly updated. The most common problem is external devices not working properly like printers, graphics drivers, vga drivers, etc...

Many times the manufacturer will release new drivers, updates, and security patches on their site for driver download. However, the burden is on you to find and install these components not knowing when, where, and how. For example, the Intel Driver Homepage goes through a complex series of steps and windows and in the end you have to end up choosing which one is the exact device driver you need to download.

Let our software scan, find, and replace the drivers you need to make your PC function smooth and optimally. Your drivers will be 100% up-to-date with our simple 1-click installation and driver download.

  • Download & Install current drivers with our software
  • Remove corrupt and invalid drivers to optimize PC
  • Schedule scans to keep drivers up-to-date
  • Deep scanning technology to find your drivers

Our driver update utility, DriverSleuth, has it all backup, restore, live update, download manager, it even has its own scheduler so you can set-it and forget-it ... nothing is left out of this handy software. For a more indepth look, read over its features and screenshots.

What is a device driver?

Device drivers are simple software programs that give any device the ability to communicate and talk with your PC.

External devices can be a keyboard, mouse, webcam, printer, joystick etc... and internal devices can be BIOS, CD/DVD drives, network, graphics cards, video cards, sound cards etc... PC drivers that are out of date or missing can cause computer errors and malfunctioning. Update computer drivers you need with Driver Sleuth!

Scan your PC for Missing & Outdated Drivers

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Driver Sleuth allows you to scan your computer for missing, outdated, and corrupt drivers at no charge. Most driver are available on the manufacturer's site at no cost. Registration of Driver Sleuth is $29.95 USD for a one year license which gives you full access to our driver database!